IT service to software product – A Paradigm Shift

This blog post tries to highlight a new trend which is now moving from a traditional IT services to product based applications in many different domains.

Challenges in sales for B2B or SaaS based Applications

This blog post focuses on the challenges faced by sales team to get software successful leads

Are desktop applications fading away

Although most of the applications are built on Web App or Mobile Apps but the need for Desktop application has faded away? But are they really fading away? Find out with this latest blogs

Low Code Development

Low code development is one of the upcoming trend which is taking in place. If you have developed a software with low code then Quackso then give you a platform to showcase your application

Are Mobile Applications Everything

We know that most of the applications are build in mobile app but can mobile apps really help in solving heavy load and complex problem. This blog will try to help you get better insights.

Software Development Trends

Every quarterly there are new software trends coming up in the market. Quackso has tried to highlight some of the upcoming trends of the software in 2020